CRESCENT polkupyörät netistä ja Helsingin myymälästä

Our Crescent range


Crescent electric wheels

An electric bike is a completely new way to cycle. You also have to pedal, but you can always enjoy the lightness of downwind driving. Perhaps you would like to drive your business without sweating or longing for the heaviest hills? The new Crescent electric bikes are equipped with energy-efficient engines that are easy to go wherever you want. See our Crescent electric range here!


The history of Crescent begins in the United States, Chicago, where Western Wheel Works made bikes. The brand has been introduced in Sweden since 1897, since 1908 Crescent wheels have been manufactured in Varberg, Sweden. Crescent wheels are still designed in Varberg, where some of the models are also manufactured.


In 1948, the Swedish Harry Snell won the World Cycling Championship in the Netherlands, winning a long time with the Världsmästarcykel-branded "world champions". Crescent's success has been based on the production of high-quality wheels right from the start, with both regular cyclists and the best riders of their time enjoying this quality.


The history of Crescent is the history of quality wheels. For decades, quality cyclists have been trusted by both regular cyclists and the best racers of their time. Today, Crescent is part of the international Cycleurope Group; Swedish Monark and Italian Bianchi.


Crescent fitness wheels

With Crescent's fitness wheels, wheelbikes and commute travel are lightweight, with powerful disc brakes and wide range of transmissions for wide range of transmissions. See more about Crescent fitness and hybrid wheels here!


Crescent Standard castors

Genuine, classic Nordic grandmothers and priests, despite their traditional look, the wheels are equipped with modern features and are ready for bike rides and business trips. See our Crescent range of wheels here!